Warranted to be free from any material defects and workmanship defects as long as they are installed in the correct vehicle that the radiator or radiator part was designed for, for the warranty periods outlined below:

One Year Warranty or 15,000 km (whichever occurs first)


SE NZ LTD shall only warrant radiators that have been properly installed by an authorized radiator technician or professional in accordance with the following steps:

  1. The car’s cooling system has been inspected and found to be in good working condition before the installation of the new radiator or cooling part
  2. Cooling system has been checked for stray electrical currents and has been correctly fixed and inspected by a proven auto electrician before the new radiator or cooling part is installed
  3. The cooling system has been cleaned, flushed and has no residue, dirt deposits, or old anti-freeze prior to the new radiator or cooling part being installed
  4. New anti-freeze (which has not been mixed with other new or old anti-freeze) has been added to the radiator when the radiator or cooling part is installed
  5. The transmission lines have been correctly fitted from the car to the radiator
  6. A coolant has been used that meets the standards recommended by the vehicle manufacturer
  7. After having installed the radiator, the installer has been satisfied that there are no problems or stray currents with the cooling system, and have checked that all drain plugs and sensors are secure
  8. The radiator has been flushed and new radiator coolant has been added after every year or 25,000km (whichever comes first).

INSTALLATION STEPS for installing radiator:

  • Prior to installation, the installer must ensure drain plugs, sensor (sender) plugs are tight and effective, bolt on oil cooler fittings are nipped up and overflow pipes are clear of any packaging debris
  • Prior to installation, the installer must check for stray currents using an analogue voltmeter or a similar stray current detector
  • The installer must check for electrolysis
  • The correct radiator flush process was used to flush out old anti-freeze and dirt/debris
  • All fan mounts and pipes were secured and checked
  • After installation, a physical check of the cooling system has been carried out and the cooling system has been found to be in good working order, with all necessary damaged parts of the cooling system having been replaced
  • The correct anti-freeze has been used, in accordance with the car manufacturer’s specifications
  • After installation and the installer has run the car to normal operating temperature, the installer has checked the cooling system to make sure that it is operating correctly

SE Autoparts does not warrant any automotive part other than the radiator or cooling system parts in commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, tractors, taxis, modified from original vehicles, 4×4 vehicles, commercial vehicles, vehicles used off road, neglected vehicles and non-passenger vehicles.


  • Any damage resulting from the negligence of any party other than SE NZ LTD
  • The labor, service or delivery costs resulting from a faulty product
  • Any consequential damage caused by a faulty product
  • Products that have been modified or tampered with prior to, or after installation
  • Products used in race cars or taxis
  • Products used in commercial vehicles that are used for prolonged periods of time with the engine on while stationary
  • Products that are used for applications other than that for which they were designed, such as a radiator, cooling part or any SE Autoparts part being used in a highly modified vehicle
  • Acts of God
  • When the radiator or part is not inspected by SE NZ LTD